Composite materials

In industrial and process systems materials and equipment are exposed to friction, abrasion, cavitation, corrosion, and other chemical, physical and temperature influences by certain other materials that are present in gaseous, liquid or solid states. The consequences arising from these influences can be resolved quickly, efficiently, and in the long term in the necessary quality, by use of special composite materials intended for the protection and repair of materials and devices.
Since February 2015 Pro Industry doo is an authorized distributor of ITW Company brands as Devcon, Densit, Irithane Futura, Korrobond and Chockfast in Serbia together and in cooperation with the authorized representative for this region of Europe BIGA GROUP Ltd.


Pro Industry doo on the basis of partnerships with the BIGA GROUP Ltd. (authorized representative for the region of Europe) as an expert in protection, repair and servicing of ship, platform and industrial systems, distributes and applies the specified composite materials as a supplement or replacement for certain other remediation solutions, protection and reparation of materials and devices in the industry.

Today it is almost impossible to carry out remediation and repair without the use of composite materials that would contribute to saving time and / or financial and technical progress. Use of composite materials is up to ten times better and more acceptable solution compared to other classical methods of remediation and reparation.

Selected as the best composite materials and as a confirmation of this is the ITW Company with more than 50 years in the development and application of both the aviation, military applications and in many industries has more than 12,000 active patents. On that basis has been created and a specific program as a guide for distributors and repairers.


Examples of free applications by customers in Serbia and the region confirm that the application under real operating conditions is a real confirmation of the quality of the offered solutions.


We know how, when, how much and what procedures and processes can be done through the use of composite materials in your company who can provide savings in time and financial resources, significantly extending operation of the plant with a guarantee. Call us so that we can within 60 minutes to present you and your colleagues from sector for the preparation, execution, maintenance and repair certain information about technological and technical solutions for your area of industry:


Na osnovu praktičnog iskustva stvorena je baza podataka TechCore® o primeni kompozitnih materijala kako u brodskoj, tako i u eksplatacionoj i proizvodnoj industriji širom sveta. Dostupna je vama zahvaljujući saradnji Pro Industry doo i BIGA GROUP Ltd koja je sa više od 3.500 primera zahtevnih aplikacija kako u istraživačkim studijama tako i u realnim situacijama u industriji omogućila Vama da sami ili u saradnji sa nama kao distributerom odradite potrebno. Baza podataka sadrži fotografije, video snimke same primene kao i određenu tehničku dokumentaciju. Za odobrenje i pristup ovoj bazi podataka obratite se putem email-a na