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Injecting is a universal method of pressure injecting for filling structural cracks, cavities and layers in foundations or walls which are under ground. Injecting is done based on strictly defined and prescribed methods. Repairs of water penetration through the cracks or working joints of reinforced concrete structures are made by pressure injecting special polyurethane resins.

Depending on the purpose of injecting (cut-off of water penetration, structural adhesion) resins with different properties (e.g. swelling in contact with water) are used. Regardless of the type of problem, for example penetration of water into basements or underground premises and foundations, we apply the best technique for the specific case in order to prevent problems which can compromise safety of the facility itself.

Repair of such facilities can be very expensive and because of this repairs can be done only by companies with experience and specialized knowledge.

Repair by injecting is technically demanding and complicated. It requires a specialized and individualized approach, due to the specifics of each individual facility. Injecting for horizontal cutting off of capillary rising of humidity, injecting for of wall and concrete structures for fortification. Most frequent techniques of injecting are high or low pressure with pumps of high or low pressure.

Depending on the method of repair, sealing products are chosen. Polyurethane, epoxy and cement suspensions are most often used.