Rope access

Rope access works with industrial rope

Rope access works with industrial rope provide an innovative approach to construction works at high-altitudes, which can be applied in all industrial sectors with difficult access to working areas.

Technique used for rope access works from an industrial rope is safe and very economical for carrying out a wide range of construction and architectural works, such as site survey and estimate of damages on buildings.

Works with industrial rope represent an economical and safe alternative to traditional methods of altitude works like working off a scaffold or with electrical lifters. Works from an industrial rope require minimum space for working which includes setting up of the anchorage point, as the start point for carrying out works, main and additional rope and operators. The anchorage can be set up on already existing maintenance parts of the roof construction, and in case there is no such construction, attested anchors are used for altitude works, which do not damage the roof constructions. Equipment for doing works off the industrial rope enables much safer works at heights without using scaffolds or lifters, both for the worker at height himself, and for the surroundings.

Worldwide, high-altitude works from an industrial rope have become a common and necessary construction area, which offers quick, efficient, safe, economical and often only solution for works in remote and inaccessible places.