Underwater and hydro-technical works

The inspection record and rehabilitation of bridge piers

Bridges on rivers are the oldest and original category of bridges. Despite their advantages, rivers have always been an obstacle to free movement of people and goods. Unlike other pillars, river pillars are exposed to water stream forces and their abrasive, erosive and chemical effects, as well as to ice and ship impacts. All these effects significantly influence the dimensions, mass and form of the river pillars.

Structuring, shaping and building of river pillars are coordinated with the regime of the water level changes.
The Underwater Works Department of the company PRO INDUSTRY ltd has successfully completed repairs on several bridges (river bridges). During the repairs on river bridges, we carried out inspection surveying of the condition of the bridge pillars, removal of the biological growth (algae and deposits), breaking of the damaged places of the protection concrete layer and concrete in poor condition using a hydraulic breaker (pick hammers), drilling of holes with hydraulic tools, mounting of anchors and bricks, sealing of bricks, underwater concrete laying and dismounting metal bricks.