Underwater and hydro-technical works

“PRO INDUSTY” ltd. is a company specializing in carrying out underwater, hydro-technical and hydro-construction works, with the aim of providing and developing professional diving services.

“PRO INDUSTY” ltd. carries out site surveys, scanning of the field, hydro-graphic and geodetic measurement, topography, bathymetry, electronic tachymetry, repairs, construction of buildings and on-water constructions, under water, in hazardous or inaccessible areas.

Company “PRO INDUSTY” ltd. has up to now surveyed hundreds of kilometers of underwater installations, carried out various inspections and video surveillance, prepared dozens of comprehensive technical and video documents, reports and studies.
Since underwater works and diving operations are very complex and expensive activities, due to known physical and physiological limitations of the human body and exposure to high risk, huge amounts of equipment and precise organization applied in these activities are necessary.

Complete equipment must meet all safety requirements, and at the same time, the diver must be given the satisfactory working conditions due to limited time under water and economical operating.

Work in an underwater environment is a very complex process so it requires using special equipment, in order to get quality and usable results. Also, it is necessary for divers to have the necessary certificates and vast experience when working with appropriate equipment.

Company “PRO INDUSTY” ltd. is able to offer you works ranging from individual operations to full technical solutions – from minor jobs to the most demanding projects. In cooperation with our partners, we can fulfill the most complex requirements of clients – safely, quickly, economically and flexibly.

“PRO INDUSTY” ltd. is developing its technology of providing underwater services with its professionalism, with its technical equipment and quality staff, it will meet the needs of future clients. Satisfied clients motivate us to provide even better and higher quality services in the future.